The Lady and the Moccasins

The following photos were sent in by a reader from Chesapeake, Virginia, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The reader is an avid naturalist who raises and releases Butterflies from her backyard Butterfly Nursery and Lepidoptiary.  She said in her email that she much prefers photographing butterflies, birds, bunnies and Bambi, but learned to take pictures of snakes while visiting Back Bay.

Wow!   A lady of the female persuasion who enjoys photographing slimy, slithering snakes!  Sounds like our kind of gal.

The reader went on to say: “The first time I encountered a snake in the refuge I ran screaming back to my car.  A normal reaction for someone with a lifelong fear of snakes.”

She continued, “It took some time, patience, practice and several spine-tingling close encounters to finally overcome my snake phobia.   But I’m glad I did.  They are truly unique, wondrous – even beautiful – creatures.”

We are also glad you overcame your phobia.   Your photographs are amazing!   Thank you for sharing them!

Reminder:  All photographs in this blog are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, printed or copied without the written permission of the photographer.

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