Journal Pages

Below are links to some pdf files from the “Back Bay Journal” books.  When you have finished viewing the pages, just hit your browser’s BACK button to return to this page.

Also, if you are using Internet Explorer, you might want to adjust the Humor setting slightly. I think it’s hidden somewhere in the Options menu.

Caution to the ladies: the Journals may include some pictures of – Eeeek! – snakes.

Journal Pages:

Sample Journal Pages 2009

Dancing Deer

March 7

Dragonfly Pages

April 3

April 16

Deer Fly Season (The Dance of the Deer Fly)

May 22

Saturday June 12

Today’s Lecture – North American Wetlands  (featuring the infamous Laser incident)

August 22

August 29

September 11

October 9

Hodges Pond Trail

From the “It’s time to lay off the swamp berries” section:

The Death of Pi

Ray’s ABCD Theory

How to Save a Baby Moccasin – Part 1

Misc Journal Entries

Please Note: There are several references in the Journals to Maggie & Ray’s Bistro, Boat Repair and All-You-Can-Eat Bait Shack.  It should not be confused with Margie & Ray’s Crab House and Seafood Restaurant.  The names are indeed quite similar and both establishments offer friendly service and a fine dining experience.  But Margie & Ray’s Seafood Restaurant is conveniently located on Sandbridge Road and is a ‘Best in Tidewater’ Award Winner, while Maggie & Ray’s Bistro, Boat Repair and All-You-Can-Eat Bait Shack is on the Far, Far Side of Back Bay and has a bowling trophy in the window.

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